funny eyes

masterboy says my eyes look funny when i am just about to fall asleep.

are they really funny looking?




eskybaby and robot vacuum!

what is this?

this is the first time i am seeing this thing?

it's like the evil vacuum cleaner but worse!

this one moves on it's own!

check out the video!!




my hiding place

i hide under a piece of wrapping paper.

i am playing hide and seek with masterboy.

masterboy: [ehh, eskybaby! your butt is showing!! i can see u!!]



shhh... i'm sleeping...

this is my favourite spot to sleep, even if it's very bright.

you want to know why?

because i have a bolster to hug!!

eskybaby: [huh?]

eskybaby: [u woke me up!!]

goes back to sleep.



model eskybaby.

this is my modeling head shot.

i am a model too!

model cat!

am i pretty?