i hate this evil vacuum!!

eskybaby: [there is this evil vacuum in my house. i hate it!!! one day, i will scratch it to death! meowgrrrrr...]




I love my TV space!

What is that at the corner of the TV??



eskybaby: [Hi!!]

eskybaby: [errr... Why are you taking photos of me when I am at my private space having my private moment?]

eskybaby: [Are you looking at my squashed left eye?]

eskybaby: [Are you looking at my squashed face now??!!] >_<

eskybaby: [I shall ignore you! Hmph!]



New Toy!!

One day, masterboy came home with a mysterious package.

Hmm... what is it?

*sniff sniff*

Oh my! It's a new toy!

*sniff sniff*

It looks like a tunnel to play in. Hmmm... should I go in?

Heck it! Just go in!

Are you looking at me?

Are you looking at me?

Wheeee... it's so much fun! I love it in here!

It's gonna be my new spot for playing and... erm... sleeping!




One leg kick!

Another one leg kick!

I dunno why but i love to put my leg up against the table. Weird habit huh?