Of Bug and High Leg Kick

One fine afternoon, I spotted a bug flying around in the living room.

I wasted no time in killing it and then gobbling it down... (Just kidding!)

eskybaby and his bug

Of course, I celebrated my kill by lying down with my legs in a "high fly kick" position (my fav position) before proceeding to lick myself (my fav activity).

eskybaby leg kick

Peace out ~~~




~ Groans ~


It's Sunday... the last day of a weekend.

I love love love weekends! I don't ever want it to end.

Weekends is when masterboy will be at home to play with me.

That said, I love my masterboy more than weekends though...

Don't you?

eskybaby and masterboy

eskybaby and masterboy

eskybaby and masterboy

eskybaby and masterboy

Have a good weekend, every weekend!!



Me & My Pinky Stick

Every cat has his/her own favorite toy. Mine is my pinky stick.

I super love to play with my pinky stick!!! I love destroying it too. This is my 14th stick and counting...

and counting...

But sometimes, when I get too crazy playing with my pinky stick, notti masterboy will put it on the table to stop me from playing.


No worries, I will stretch my short, chubby legs to reach and get it!

(Notice that half of the feathers are gone? WAHAHAHA)

Look! I can even play fetch like a dog! masterboy loves to throw pinky stick for me to fetch.

(Notice that ALL of the feathers are gone? *laughs proudly*)

またね!See you!




I love my 猫部屋 (cat room).

eskybaby in "leopard house"

It has sooo many uses. I sleep in it, play in it, attempt to destroy it, scratch at it, jump on it etc etc etc. I love my 猫部屋.

[Look at my chilling out in it!]

[Scratch scratch scratch!!]

[Don't disturb me when I'm destroying my cat room!]

[I can even pounce on my cat room. Wheeee~~]




Watch Out For My Paws!

I have a love-hate relationship with the camera. I love that it takes pretty pictures of me... I love that it takes cute videos of me... I love to chew on it's hand strap... I love to rest my head on it and nap... I love to paw at it...

Oh........... wait.........

Correction: I think I have a love-love relationship with the camera.


[ Watch me pawing at the camera. ]



When I Was Just A Little Boy

Oh wow, my masterboy is discovering that you can do so much more things with blogger than livejournal.

Anyway, here are some photos and a video of me when I was young.

baby eskybaby

baby eskybaby

baby eskybaby

baby eskybaby

baby eskybaby

[ かわいいですか? ]

My masterboy made this video for me.




First Post!

Meow! Welcome to my page on the cyberspace. This is where I will post photos, videos and other snippets of my life!

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Esky and you can call me eskybaby (エスキbaby). I'm a munchkin cat bred and born in Australia. I am lucky to be adopted by my master boy and hence, here I am in Singapore now enjoying my life sleeping, eating and playing catching or hide-and-seek with him!

yawwnn~~~ alrightly... I'm tired. Gonna take my cat-nap now. Talk to you guys later.