i hate this evil vacuum!!

eskybaby: [there is this evil vacuum in my house. i hate it!!! one day, i will scratch it to death! meowgrrrrr...]




Anonymous said...

So cute~~ but y r u using ur vacuum at it??

jazzieeaa said...

just wanted to introduce u this friend Esky might not dislike. (im not tryin to sell it) Its the iRobot Roomba. it vacuums ur place neat and tidy. a little noisy but not as scary as the 'manual' one. picks up cat fur too. very convenient rite? :)
see this cat sittin on the irobot..http://youtu.be/ewdbilSWjaM

eskybaby said...

haha I have another robot vacuum call samsung hauzen.

FeLiCia said...

hahaa ! your cat is really pretty. The fur and everything. Really clean. And why are you disturbing it.hahah

miszlullaby said...

oh yes..i remembered long long time ago.my cat also afraid of vacuum.=)