eskybaby and masterboy.

it's been a long time since i last took a photo with masterboy.

i miss it...



HelenCC said...

Esky fat fat de, so CUTE! ~

mojako said...

That's so lovely yo! =^.^=

It's been a long time and Esky is back in action again. YAYs! \o/

Did u use flash in the pic (I think u did though since it's polaroid)? Eskybaby's eyes look so purrfectly round, cute, and gentle. Unlike sometimes when we took pic of cats with flash, we captured the "fierce" side of them(oops), haha :P


yeeloon said...

Long time no see.
Eskybaby looks a lot mature now.

miszlullaby said...

OMG..i just figured out your blog!at last!

esky is my fav cat in lovemeow.com!

So,you r japanese,but live in Singapore right? I'm from Malaysia but currently studying in Moscow.

Well, send my kiss to esky. Gonna link your blog to mine. =)