Of Bug and High Leg Kick

One fine afternoon, I spotted a bug flying around in the living room.

I wasted no time in killing it and then gobbling it down... (Just kidding!)

eskybaby and his bug

Of course, I celebrated my kill by lying down with my legs in a "high fly kick" position (my fav position) before proceeding to lick myself (my fav activity).

eskybaby leg kick

Peace out ~~~




El@inE said...

lol!!!wow! nice kick! U are so GREAT! jus like my bro mewmew...he is our house's minister of defence. ;D

he defend our mummy from all bugs like cockroaches, flies,bugs..

Aint We kitties Wonderful~ :P

eskybaby said...

hahaha very very wonderfffuullll!!:P

minister of defense. thats a nice one.

Steve-Vo said...

must cheer him up whenever he is low hoh, :)

P.S: a post for concern for law at 28 NOV

eskybaby said...

heh i will steve... thank you on behalf of masterboy....