Me & My Pinky Stick

Every cat has his/her own favorite toy. Mine is my pinky stick.

I super love to play with my pinky stick!!! I love destroying it too. This is my 14th stick and counting...

and counting...

But sometimes, when I get too crazy playing with my pinky stick, notti masterboy will put it on the table to stop me from playing.


No worries, I will stretch my short, chubby legs to reach and get it!

(Notice that half of the feathers are gone? WAHAHAHA)

Look! I can even play fetch like a dog! masterboy loves to throw pinky stick for me to fetch.

(Notice that ALL of the feathers are gone? *laughs proudly*)

またね!See you!



El@inE said...

lol! tht video of u reaching for the stick on the table is absolutely cute!!!
I play fetch too,but I m too tiny so I only fetch little toys tt I have,a little mouse,chick...


Princess PiggiE

eskybaby said...

hhaa eat more like me and u will grow fat!